Blocking quality inspection stock for WT creation in SAP EWM until completion of the usage decision

Blocking quality inspection stock during receiving in SAP Extended Warehouse Management until the usage decision is captured for the inspection lot

Requirement: Block quality stock until the usage decision is received for the inspection lot.

Solution: Standard QI flow in combination with BAdi implementation and implicit enhancement during WT creation

System: S4 HANA 1610

In general, when stock is received which is relevant for quality inspection an inspection lot can be created & attached to the follow-on documents (e.g. warehouse tasks). As per standard we can block quality stock for warehouse task creation before goods receipt has been done (using the Goods Receipt Control).
Once goods receipt is completed the inspection lot will get created & attached to the follow-on documents. Our requirement here is to block the quality stock also after goods receipt so that the warehouse task is only being created after usage decision of the inspection lot.

Create Inbound Delivery in ERP and distribute to EWM

Check the Delivery in EWM and observe the stock type. Try to create a warehouse task for the item which is having the Quality stock Q3 (this is being blocked as GR has not been posted yet).

Now we post Goods Receipt which triggers the generation of the inspection lot(s).
Capture the usage decision in QM for the given inspection lot (tx QA32):

Now check the stock type in the warehouse task. You can observe that the stock type turned from Q3 to F1 because we captured the decision as ‘Accept’. Also warehouse tasks can be created now:

Different scenario – capture the usage decision as ‘rejected’:

Check the Warehouse task –
The stock type now changed from Q3 to B5 as the decision has been captured as ‘rejected’. A warehouse task is created automatically to move the stock to the quality blocked stock area:

Customizing in EWM

The following setups (among some other standard QI related settings) are essential to enable the process flow described above. Activate Warehouse
Dependent Inspection Object types:

Maintain Follow Up Actions for the Accept/Reject flows:

BAdi’s which has been used to enable the flow as described above –
Termination of WT creation -> this BAdi implementation will make sure to avoid WT creation as long as the delivery item has a Q stock type:

Implicit enhancement to trigger the warehouse task creation after posting change (based on the usage decision process described above):

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