Our Concept

When and in which situation should you contact WMexperts and make use of our service? What is the general idea of our service and our approach to solve your problems?


Having implemented Warehouse Management Systems for more than 8 years now there is one main take away in regard to the strategic approach to follow while going through such a project:

Keep the knowledge and the control over all core functionalities in-house

No matter whether you are an end-user company, a consultancy or a freelancer. Keep the control of the core functionalities at your fingertips and do not give it away to ‘external’ parties!

Have yourself or a couple of internal consultants and developers to setup and or even code the enhancements related to all core functionalities. A ‘core functionality’ in our point of view is defined as a part of coding or customizing with a high degree of dependencies and usage in different processes.

Of course, it makes sense to collaborate with external partners in particular when you are working on complex projects. But the realization (meaning hands-on coding or customizing) should happen internally. For all independent features – give access to externals and let them do the setup and the coding. For highly dependent features – ask consultants to consult and teach you -> tell them what you need and ask for an advice such a detailed how-to manual or a sample coding but execute the hands-on process on your own!

If you do not follow this approach you are almost guaranteed to end up with

  • exponentially increasing costs during the implementation and especially later (once the system is running) for support and maintenance
  • being caught in a cage of uncontrollable coding which puts high risk on the future existence of your business
  • a dissatisfied internal team which feels patronized by the outside party  

This is not to say that all external consultants out there are doing a bad job but many companies have made this same strategic mistake. They request complex functionality, let external parties do the design, the setup and the coding and then hand over to their key-users for testing and approval. For the most part, external consultants charged with these jobs will have good intentions and work thoroughly to deliver what was asked for. However, even if their ideas, architecture and coding are brilliant, in the long term these benefits will be outweighed by the challenge and complications of trying to run a complex system that you have little insight into or control over.

Based on this observations we built our concept and the philosophy around our core service. The following summary should give you a good idea of the kind of consulting that we offer and how you can leverage it in order to make your WMS project or adjustments a success:

  • For all tasks/requests where complex features (high degree of dependencies with other parts of the system) need to be setup, we will help you by providing explanations, manuals or coding examples regarding design and setup (addressing the questions of How?, Where?, and What?). Basically we will provide everything that you need in order to make sure you are able to later implement the features on your own with minimal effort
  • For all independent features over which you do not need 100% control you can also expect ready-to-go consulting. Define your requirements in a structured way (we have processes in place to support you with this important step) and submit the request to our platform, saving your internal team time and burden (note that remote/VPN access to your system will be useful here).

Following this approach enables you to operate with a lean internal team of experts who maintain control over the system but do not spend their valuable and limited time with burdensome research to find solutions for new requirements. This tactic is key to controlling costs and risks throughout your WMS project and ensuring its long-term success.

Ok for now – we will teach instead of patronize – but when exactly would you contact us?

Our on-demand service is designed to provide solutions to your problems in the most uncomplicated and straightforward way available on the market. We are available to support your team with professional knowledge in areas that were not touched before. We are there when you are at your wits’ end – faced with a challenge that you cannot manage on your own.

To close this essay – 

We know these are just ‘words’. You might have to try it out in order to believe that these statements are true and we really turn our thoughts and ideas into a usable service. Thanks in advance for putting trust in our team!