Process 2.0

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Our Solution Process

Based on this workflow we provide solutions to your requests

The following video describes how you raise a request at and receive a solution to your problem or requirement. The complete process is also described below in written form. Please note that this is the process which is being followed to delivery our premium consulting service and does not describe the way we delivery answers to your questions within our free and publicly accessible forum. 

As a precondition to create a request you – as a company or as a tradesperson – need to register for our website. During the registration process you have to agree to the terms of use which reflect the frame agreement between you and us as a legal base for all upcoming requests (Terms of Use).

Contact us here to apply for an account. Please make sure to leave your name, company and contact information. We would like to know our customers so somebody from our team will get in touch with you personally before you receive your credentials. 

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Validating and assigning the request

Our solution process always starts with you raising a request on our service desk. At this point we are laying the foundation for an appropriate response simply by asking the right questions to guide you through the process of creating an ideal request. So the first important component of our solution delivery process is to make sure that we define the complete scope of work together.

Once created we assign one or more member(s) from our team with extensive knowledge and experience in the given functional or technical aspects of your request. All or our team members fulfill a list of criteria for the delivery of high quality solutions (see also section ‘The Team’) but everybody also has his/her specific strengths (e.g. specific modules or technical aspects).

Based on the scope of work the executive team member will identify a solution and calculate the effort. However, during this phase he/she might get back to you for additional clarification and/or information. At the end of this step we will issue a fixed quote together with a Solution-concept.

Note: Our team member might also reject your request if he/she thinks that we do not have the necessary expertise in the requested functional/technical area in order to deliver an accurate solution or we do not have sufficient capacity to deliver a solution till your requested due date.

Approval of Quote & Solution-Concept 

This Solution-Concept will describe the kind of solution that we will deliver to solve your request. The objective of creating and sharing this document is to avoid any misunderstandings and have (along with the price and the due date) a basis for the contract between you and us.

If you agree with our proposal we will ask you to approve quote and Solution-concept since we will now enter into our contractual relationship. If, however, the price is significantly higher than expected you can discuss this directly with our team member prior to approving the proposal (there might have been misunderstandings or you can adjust your request to reduce complexity and thereby effort).

Handover & final approval

After handover, you have the option to provide feedback, comments and/or request for adjustments based on which we will work on additional changes. Having said this we do also expect a chance for rework on our costs in case there are valid arguments showing that the solution does not cover your requirement. Of course you are always free to make change orders or enhancements to your request, which are beyond the initial scope of work. Please keep in mind that we will provide you with an extra quote for your approval in case you want WMexperts to provide a solution for those changes or enhancements. We will not start working on anything that requires additional effort without your prior approval.

Once you are satisfied (respectively once our solution covers your requirement) we will ask you to approve the solution which closes the request and kicks-off the invoicing process. In order to have everything in one place, you will receive an invoice as an attachment to your request and the status of the request will reflect the payment status.