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About Me

Hendrik 2


Father. Sportsman. Teacher. Optimist.

SAP (EWM) and intralogistics Enthusiast, Geek and Artist.

In formal words –

Functional, Technical & Intralogistics Consultant with focus on SAP EWM for about 11 years. Migrated to S/4.

Connected TM and automation subsystems. Integrated into SD, MM, PP and QM although you wouldn’t call me an expert over there…

Recent Blog Posts

Working as a SAP EWM Consultant – How to learn SAP EWM? How to start with SAP EWM?

The following quick tips are written for you in case you are a SAP-newcomer - no matter whether you want to become a consultant or a developer. They will help you with your first steps into the world of warehousing with SAP EWM.

Reveal SAP EWM – Options for the destination of loading tasks

This blog focuses on the outbound loading process which is used for the last movement of a given handling unit, before it leaves the warehouse (physically & logically). I will explain three different options provided by the standard in order to determine the destination of…

Reveal SAP EWM – Inbound staging bin determination

Reveal SAP EWM Inbound staging bin determination This blog reveals the logic for staging bin determination step as part of an inbound unloading storage process step. Having said that, it should be obvious that we are looking into inbound processes using the process-oriented storage control…