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About Me

Hendrik 2


Father. Sportsman. Teacher. Optimist.

SAP (EWM) and intralogistics Enthusiast, Geek and Artist.

In formal words –

Functional, Technical & Intralogistics Consultant with focus on SAP EWM for about 11 years. Migrated to S/4.

Connected TM and automation subsystems. Integrated into SD, MM, PP and QM although you wouldn’t call me an expert over there…

Recent Blog Posts

Discover SAP EWM MFS – Simulation / Emulation

With this blog post I look into the EWM standard simulation/emulation which you can use within your MFS projects in case you do not have the possibility to test/work with the real hardware/subsystems (yet). Before starting with the details, I tackle the question “What is…

Discover SAP EWM MFS – The Identification-Point

This blog post tackles the hardware but mainly the software side of this thing that we call ‘I-Point’ (Identification-Point) in the area of EWM MFS.

Discover SAP EWM MFS – What is SAP EWM MFS?

This blog post is intended for those of you who never implemented an automated warehouse with EWM MFS or even never used SAP EWM before. I wrote this article as I noticed that some of my subscribers/readers are actually part of this group.