The 6 Tips avoid problems in SAP® WM & EWM

1 Do less – Simplify and stay Standard

Of course enhancements are necessary in many cases and enable more efficient and innovative processes. SAP provides mature enhancement techniques which allow to enhance and still keep the software robust and stable. But – you have to be aware that whenever you touch the coding you are creating a new piece of software. A piece of software that will with almost absolute certainty cause efforts for support & maintenance in the future. You can of course minimize the latter with intensive tests & training but you can never completely exclude it. Software development & ABAP® coding are high-complex tasks – never forget this – even if you are working with experts.

To sum up – before you consider to touch the coding, ask yourself whether you really need this one more enhancement or Z-Report. Also contemplate adjusting the business process instead of the software to stay in Standard and accept to ‘optimize’ the process flow to 80% instead of 100%.

2 Robust & Flexible

As mentioned under point 1, enhancements & Z-coding can be used to adjust the Standard and enable new or improve existing processes. Having identified the necessity to add custom coding…