Adjust method appearance in SAP EWM warehouse monitor

Adjust method appearance in the SAP EWM Warehouse Monitor

Problem/Requirement: In many SAP EWM projects it is required to change the appearance or sequence of the methods which are available in the warehouse monitor in order to improve the usability

Possible solution: Use monitor customizing options to hide specific methods, change sequence or move from method menu to dedicated button. This ‘easy win’ will make your end-user happy with very low effort for configuration & testing

Customizing in EWM

Go to transaction n/SCWM/MON

In our example the appearance (e.g. sequence) of the methods for inventory documents:

Go to SPRO – Customize Monitor Tree

Select your warehouse number & monitor on the upper left and double click the node for which you want to change the method sequence. From here you can see node number and object class.

Now go to SPRO – Define Object Class Methods and search for your object class:

Now you will see all methods under the given button along with their current sequence. At this point you could already delete specific methods from the given monitor if needed respectively if you do not want them to be displayed at all any more.

Note: We recommend to copy the standard monitor along with all settings and do the described changes in your Z-version!
In order to change the sequence we would suggest to copy the records to excel, delete them in the table, save, change the sequence number in excel and copy back to the table:

In the same customizing node you could also change the display of the method access from method menu to pushbutton and vice-versa (e.g. dedicated pushbutton might make sense in case a specific button is used very often):


Save your changes and start the monitor again to review your changes.

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